Healthy Roots Make all the Difference

“Mizizi Maji” stands for “roots of water” in the Swahili language.

Baxter’s Mizizi Maji Mentoring Program provides young people ages 8-18 with individualized mentoring that includes; group and one to one mentoring. Students who are part of the program add a network of support to what already exists within each family. At Baxter we believe that a strong foundation makes all the difference!

This “It Takes a Village” philosophy is incorporated into weekly gatherings that create opportunities for teamwork, volunteerism, social, cultural and historical competency building, encourage academic excellence and college preparedness along with providing opportunities for parents, students, mentors and other community members to learn and grow together by sharing their knowledge, wisdom and strengths with each other. 

Foundational Scripture

You shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in the season and whose leaves do not whither. Whatever he does prospers!

– Psalms 1:3

3.0 Gets to Go - Education through Travel

Students in the Mizizi Maji Mentoring Program can earn trips by keeping their grades up, being involved in community service and positive extracurricular activities. Our program has allowed students to travel to locations not only in Michigan, but around the country and abroad as well!

On these trips students visit historical sites, landmarks, and a multitude of ethnic restaurants and communities. By exposing students to different cultures and ways of life we are able to build both their social and cultural competency skills. When our students venture off into the world to go to college they will have familiarity with navigating in other cultures, big cities, airports, and feel confident flying, taking the train, subway or ferry. They will also see something bigger for their lives and move towards it with confidence! 

Recent Trips
North Buxton, Ontario

Students visited the African Canadian Historical Museum in rural North Buxton. The area guards priceless history of Canadian african american culture.

South Africa

In addition to rural and urban areas, our students visited several historic sites, including the famous Mandela house in Johannesburg.

New York City

Trips to major cities like New York, Chicago and Toronto introduce our students to new environments and prepare them for future adventures. The sky is the limit when it comes to future experiences!

Mission Statement

Written by our students

“We are urban youth, moving forward, non-stop living every day to its full potential. We are urban youth, caring for our community, going somewhere, giving back, educated, determined, encouraged and mature, showing respect for ourselves, as well as others. We are urban youth in the Mizizi (root) Maji (water) Mentoring Program. We are urban youth, living non-violently with pride.” 

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