June 27, 2017

Meet Up & Eat Up Program


School’s Out For Summer! That means no more homework, no more tests, and unfortunately no more lunch for the many students who rely on school meals as their main source of food. With over 32,000 kids living in poverty in Kent County alone, less than 10% of the students enrolled in public schools pay full price for lunch. So what do these kids do when that lunch is no longer provided? That’s where the Meet Up & Eat Up program comes in. The program, which is funded by the Michigan Department of Education, makes sure kids have access to free nutritious meals during the summer months.

The program runs from June 19th through August 18th, and is hosted at many local churches, businesses and community centers throughout the area. Anyone under 18 can receive a sack lunch, no questions asked. Baxter is happy to be one of these locations, and lunch is served Monday-Friday from 11 am- 1 pm at the Market Place, through the donation entrance on Baxter St.  

Download the MeetupEatupFlyer to view all participating locations.