August 18, 2016

Hall & Wealthy St. Bakeries Give Back

From July 29 through August 6, every customer visiting Hall and Wealthy St. bakeries had a chance to give back through their purchase. It was all part of the bakeries’ “2-2-2 Giving” drive. For every two drinks and two entrees purchased during the drive, the bakeries rewarded committed to donating two fresh loaves of bread to Baxter’s food pantry.

Sarah Hofman-Graham (Wealthy St. Bakery Front House Manager) reached out to Baxter Community Center just a few weeks back looking for ways in which the bakeries could come alongside Baxter’s work in the local community. Baxter Community Center is located almost exactly half-way between both bakeries, and for Sarah, “it was a logical partnership.”

In all, 41 individuals participated in the bakeries’ drive during the week-long period, resulting in 82 loaves of bread which will be donated to Baxter’s Pantry over the next few weeks. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of bread, and we can’t take it all at once! We are thrilled to have local businesses like Wealthy St. and Hall St. Bakeries who understand the importance of giving back to their neighborhood.

Wealthy St. and Hall St Bakeries offer a wide variety of pastries, breads and are a great spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Locally owned and intentional in serving it’s community- both bakeries are a proud supporter of Baxter Community Center and Baxter is grateful for such a delicious partnership! 

Thank you Hall and Wealthy St. Bakeries for your support of Baxter!

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