September 7, 2016

DeUnique Dorris

My name is DeUnique Dorris, I attend City High/Middle school as a sophomore. This summer I had the great privilege of working with Anna Johnson as her intern within the garden and greenhouse. Usually, I spend my summers asleep for most of the time and working at Baxter Community Center gave me something to do for my summer. I love working with Baxter, and everyone there. Everyone there is awesome.

I have done gardening programs with Anna since sixth grade. For this summer I worked managing the garden. I did a bunch of weeding and harvesting. After harvesting, I would bring everything to the kitchen and wash it. About once or twice, I brought a spider into the kitchen even when I tried to prevent it. I, of course, bring them outside but I didn’t tell Anna about them because she hates spiders. After everything harvested is cleaned, it becomes displayed into the pantry.

I also got to work with the school-aged children alongside Anna. They are awesome and quite a wild bunch of children. They are very creative and have interesting attitudes for their age. Coming up with different activities was  fun and tiring, conducting them with the children and seeing their reactions was even better.

Baxter is a great place to work with. They are very in sync with their programs when it comes to getting involved with the community around them. I personally love being there considering I don’t get out much (sometimes not by choice), but it’s awesome, and I would do the internship all year round if I could.”

A word on DeUnique from Anna Johnson, Greenhouse Programs Coordinator (pictured with DeUnique)

“DeUnique Dorris is our first High School Greenhouse Intern which was generously funded by the Kellogg’s grant. She is no stranger to the Greenhouse Program having been involved in various Yoots and Roots programming (the Baxter gardening program for youth) over the past 3 years while also volunteering continuously throughout the years. It was a delight to see her grow into this role, taking responsibility over weekly harvesting and displaying the produce in the Marketplace and helping to create weekly garden activities for Ms Jen’s class in the CDC. In fact, she created a whole character named “Detective Buggy” who needed help from the class to solve garden mysteries. One task the children had to do was tiptoe around the garden and whisper “yummy” to the kale and collards! Her creativity and willingness to try new things was an asset to the greenhouse program this summer and she will be missed as she heads back to school. But I am sure this is not the last we will see of her at Baxter!”