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Baxter’s Child Development Center (CDC) is a dynamic place of growth and learning. The CDC cares for children from infancy to age twelve, allowing parents to work or attend school with the knowledge that their sons and daughters are safe and learning. 

Dedicated to promoting the healthy development of children—academically, socially, physically, psychologically, and emotionally—the CDC helps to build foundations of learning that will equip children for future long-term success. 

Each year, the Child Development Center serves 60 children, and more than 30% of children served have families with an annual income of less than $15,000. Baxter works in collaboration with Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative, Campfire West Michigan, Kent County Department of Human Services, Federal Food and Drug Administration, The Grand Rapids Y, and Great Start.  

Baxter’s CDC is licensed by the State of Michigan and has held national accreditation through NAEYC since 2005. Only 5% of childcare centers in Kent County are nationally accredited, including Baxter.

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HEALTHY & LOCAL Farm to Fork Food Program

You care about what goes into your kid’s body, and so do we. Our food is made from scratch with more than 70% of our ingredients bought locally (farms, bakeries, etc). With other services like home-made baby food and our celebration menu, our food program stands out!

Contact our Chef, Ms. Diamond


Little Lambs (Infants)

Our Little Lambs get to experience new things each day as they connect the pieces of the world together. Free play, music, reading, and group learning ‘round the baby table are an everyday occurrence. Our infants can start as early as 6 weeks old

The teachers focus on each child as an individual and create lesson plans accordingly, using Creative Curriculum. Daily activities include art/sensory/fine motor projects, outdoor/play time (books, blocks, tummy time) and much more!

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Sparrows (Toddlers)

The Sparrows’ room is bounding with 15 month – 3 year olds learning by playing in the texture tub, painting, new healthy food experiences, and exploring their world inside and out. 

Daily activities include story time, arts/fine motor activities, exercise/free play, table activities, outdoor play, circle time, read alouds, songs, topic of the week and more!

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Adventurers & Explorers (Preschool)

The goal of our Preschool program is to have our students become independent thinkers who question, explore, and make discoveries about the world around them. Learning is structured around 36 objectives in 9 main areas of child development, as are the other classrooms in Baxter’s Child Development Center (CDC), using Creative Curriculum to teach and assess student growth. 

We strive to make our Preschool classrooms a place where children feel safe, loved, confident, and creative. We value the energy and individuality that each child brings to the room. We partner with our preschoolers’ families to skillfully prepare students for kindergarten and for life. 

Baxter Child Development Center is a proud partner of the Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative (ELNC). This local organization has designed and is currently implementing an intentional preschool system aimed at providing, expanding and sustaining the capacity of high quality early care and education programs in the vulnerable neighborhoods of Grand Rapids. 

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Want to learn more?

Baxter Community Center holds a free one-hour monthly tour that will give you a great overview of our Child Development Center along with a big-picture view of Baxter’s work.

Proud Partner of the ELNC

Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative (ELNC) is an initiative that is vested in changing the current reality of vulnerable children. In order to create this change, ELNC has designed and is currently implementing an intentional preschool service system aimed at providing, expanding and sustaining the capacity of high quality early care and education programs in the vulnerable neighborhoods of Grand Rapids.  Baxter Community Center is proud to be one of the founding partner institutions of the ELNC.

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