September 28, 2016

2016 Tomato Fest and Quilt Show

Baxter Community Center’s 2016 Tomato Fest and Quilt Show was a sensational success! The two-day Quilt Show brought more than 300 people admiring the beautiful patchwork and history of over 60 quilts! The neighborhood came together over the creativity and hard work of our quilters and were able to walk around and vote on their favorites. This year’s theme was “Creativity Stitching Present With Past” and the theme was represented well in the variety of subjects seen on the quilts. They varied from African Kente patterns to quilts being displayed from the 40’s, and the  “Present” quilts included vibrant colors and intricate patterns. 


On Saturday people took a moment to sit and be amazed by the drumming and dancing performed by the West Michigan Jewels of Africa. The performance was followed by a storytelling by Nae Ankh and a play about how the Kente cloth was developed.  A quilter mentioned that she was able to meet many people from the neighborhood who she didn’t know were interested in quilting and now are considering taking the class that’s offered at Baxter.  Not only did the quilt show bring the neighborhood together, but it also raised $2,000 dollars for two college bound students by selling the cookbook “Threads Sewing Class HomeStyle Family Recipes “-a collection of family recipes compiled by the members of  Baxter’s sewing class.  We are already getting excited for next year’s event and are thankful for all the volunteers and quilters that made the show such a success!


The salsa brought the heat and the meatball tomato bomb was a creative and tasty addition to this year’s TomatoFest here at Baxter Community Center. Anna and Gwen from our Green House and Garden spent the morning hustling around trying to find outlets for the crockpots and heating pads.  Once the festival commenced there was no need to grab the neighbors from their houses because the savory smells from the dishes was enough of an invitation. By the afternoon Baxter neighbors tasted and then voted on their favorite entrees and fun and full stomachs were had by all. After going around and tasting the dishes, neighbors played yard games and took time to enjoy the sunshine. The winners were a jambalaya for best presentation, a homemade salsa for healthiest and ketchup for most creative The first place grand prize was earned by Keith Philips for his tasty Goulash. Some of the other delectable dishes included tomato meatball pastry bombs, and a variety of chilies. Baxter is grateful for our amazing event sponsors: Horrocks Market, Grand Rapids Downtown Courtyard by Marriot and WMEAC for providing the prizes.